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I'm a drummer and percussionist with a 50-year old interest in what is now called World Music. Originally a jazz drummer, my own music has become heavily influenced by Hindustani, Karnatic and West African musics which I studied during some years in India and Ghana. In my site you will find links to pages about some of the things I am involved in: Indian classical music: My tabla and mridangam teachers and musician friends, soundfiles of my teachers, friends and of myself, scores, press material, things going on at the moment, information about recordings, links to friends etc.

Contact: Bengt Berger, Kantarellvägen 10, 122 63 Enskede, Sweden

During all of 2015 we are celebrating our Guru Pandit Taranath's centenary with concerts all over India. In October Berger Knutsson Spering will play concerts in Mangalore, Shirali and Panjim as part of these celebrations. Here is a Pakhawaj solo by Pandit Taranath, recorded in Sweden in 1969.



We are celebrating the centenary of our Guru Pandit Taranath this year


This album is digital-only but here is a cd:



After 19 years as a trio, Berger Knutsson Spering found a fourth member and its Max Schultz. Here is our first album as a quartet!

Release date september 9, 2015:


Spjärnsvallet was a great group in the mid seventies, we rerealesed our old album and added some new music, 40 years later.

Released on November 8, 2014:


Some of my other releases on C&E:

Beches Brew BIG was voted 3rd best Gyllene Skivan jazz release 2013


Beches Brew BAG is digital-only


The Bitter Funeral Beer Band

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Thru time travel I have been able to find an article that I will write in the year 2059 describing the evolution of the artists' working conditions and the co-operation with the bureacracy during the last since 1959. It all started with an interview with Lenny Bruce that year which later on started that explosive development in the arts.

Here is Lenny's interview

and here is my letter from the future.

I've put up some old pics from a duo concert with Roland Keijser some years back. Click below to see them


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